GSJ Student

Core Curriculum

Seeking Knowledge, Deepening Understanding

A St. Catherine University education gives students at all levels the skills and intellectual flexibility they will need to succeed in the world after graduation.

The integration of the University's Liberal Arts Learning Goals within our core liberal arts requirements connect St. Catherine's mission to emphasize intellectual inquiry and social teaching, challenging students to transformational leadership.

St. Catherine University's bookend Core courses The Reflective Woman (TRW) and Global Search for Justice (GSJ) connect students to the mission and vision of St. Catherine, building community through active, student-centered learning and calling students to examine their education with great intention, both as they embark upon it and as it comes to a close.

With the liberal arts integrated throughout every program, from associate to graduate level, women and men who graduate from St. Kate's are prepared for a world in which respect for diverse voices and perspectives, critical thinking and a desire and ability to work toward social change are crucial.