A Women’s College at the Heart

A student performs during a talent show, spring 2009.

At St. Catherine University, we are committed to the education of women and the values this commitment implies: collaboration, respect for diverse voices and perspectives, and challenging conventional norms while adhering to the highest academic standards.

And we believe, as do the men in our associate and graduate programs, that these values serve all people and the world well.

St. Catherine is a first-rate university for women and men. It has:

  • A clear and compelling mission;
  • Two dynamic urban locations;
  • A commitment to recruiting students of diverse ages, experiences and backgrounds, and then both challenging them and serving them well;
  • A highly regarded faculty that shapes a rigorous and engaging learning environment; and
  • Thousands of successful alumnae who have used their St. Catherine education to create professional competence and craft principled lives.