Mai Chue Moua

Mai Chue Moua ’12

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why St. Kate’s: “I picked St. Kate’s because of its strong liberal arts foundation and vision to teach students about being ethical leaders in their community. The strong support system I encountered — from the Admission office to staff across campus — made me feel that I could thrive at St. Kate’s and grow on a spiritual, intellectual and social level.” 

Outside the classroom: “I am an active member of a non-chartered student organization known as Hmong Daughters of St. Kate’s. Through this group, I have helped to address the importance of culture and cultural identity with St. Kate’s students, as well as collaborate with other students in bringing about the SHOPE program. This outreach program was developed by a St. Kate’s student through a Phillips Scholarship. It addresses awareness and self identity amongst Hmong American women who are living with a developmental disability.”

Why social work and psychology: “I hope to one day become a social worker or guidance counselor at a school. Since my admittance to St. Kate’s, I have met so many people who have wanted to help me simply because they wanted to. It is also my hope that one day, I can pay forward the kindness and support that I have received during difficult times. Through my social work major and psychology minor, I hope to be both a resource and guide for others.”

Being at St. Kate’s: “I have really been surprised by the different student opportunities that St. Kate’s provides beyond academics. It is because of these opportunities that I have been able to get where I am today.”

A rewarding internship: “In fall 2010, I worked with the St. Paul Domestic Abuse and Intervention Project as an intern. I loved it and learned many things, from communications to crisis management. Even though I want to eventually work in education, I have taken the opportunities available during my junior year to explore other areas of interest to broaden my horizons.”

Future plans: “My goal is to continue my education — to get my masters in social work or possibly a clinical license in social work. Sometime in between now and then, I am also looking at various options to study abroad and learn about other cultures and social work structures in other countries.”

If you’re considering St. Kate’s: “Come with an open mind and open heart to learn because your education really starts by looking within yourself first.”