Katie Haugen ’11

Kathryn (Katie) Haugen ’11

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
Double major: Psychology and Public Health

Why St. Kate’s: It just felt like the right fit for me. I didn't know what I wanted to pursue, but I was looking at healthcare, which St. Kate's is very strong in. I had taken Post-Secondary Enrollment Options classes at St. Kate’s while in high school, so I was already familiar with the University and knew I liked it. I've never regretted my decision to enroll here.

On pairing two majors: For years, I’ve had an interest in topics related to health and healthcare, but I always liked looking at the bigger picture and not just focusing on the individual. I liked looking at factors besides the disease, like stress and how that might affect the health of a community.

Psychology and public health work really well together. Mental health is becoming more of a public health issue, and no matter what field you work in, it helps to understand how people think and why they do what they do.

Clubs and activities: I was co-founder and co-president of St. Kate’s Public Health Club. I was also active in the Honors Program Student Organization, St. Catherine Choral Society, St. Catherine Women's Choir and the St. Catherine Chamber Orchestra.

Advice to new students: Explore and try new things. Don't limit yourself to certain classes or interests. My St. Kate's experiences were both related and not related to my majors.

Also, don't stress too much. This is just one stage in your life — enjoy it! Even if it’s just for a half hour a day, take a break and do something you enjoy.