Jordyn Arndt in

Jordyn Arndt ’11

Farmington, Minnesota

Why St. Kate’s: “I took my first tour of St. Kate’s as a junior in high school. After the tour, I knew St. Kate’s was the right school for me. I admire the University’s commitment to social justice and women’s education. I am inspired to follow the footsteps of the founding Sisters of St. Joseph and high-achieving St. Kate’s alumnae.”

On being a Global Studies Peer Advisor: “I have worked for the Office of Global Studies for the past three years, on and off, while studying abroad in Senegal and Morocco. As the peer advisor, I give campus presentations on study abroad, design handouts about study abroad and assist with planning international events on campus.

One of my favorite responsibilities as the peer advisor is speaking with students about study abroad. Sharing my experiences and learning more about their interests, needs and expectations of their study abroad experience is incredibly rewarding.”

Why study abroad? Is that easy to do at St. Kate’s: “Students should consider studying abroad for a variety of reasons. Study abroad can help you foster greater independence, fulfill course requirements, obtain an international internship or volunteer experience, improve your foreign language skills, and develop greater awareness and understanding of other cultures. There are a variety of programs available in both short-term and long-term formats. Students are encouraged to meet with the Office of Global Studies in order to determine how to best fit study abroad into their plans.”

On foreign languages: “I have remained committed to becoming fluent in French because I hope to become bilingual and work in sub-Saharan Africa in the future. While studying abroad, I studied regional dialects as well. In Senegal, I studied Wolof, and in Morocco, I studied Arabic. Learning these local dialects helped me to demonstrate respect and interest in my host cultures. It also helped me to obtain lower prices when bargaining in the market places!”

St. Kate’s Antonian Scholar program: “As an Antonian Scholar, I have had the privilege to enroll in Honors Seminars — cross-listed liberal arts courses taught by two faculty members — and to do a Senior Honors project under the guidance of a St. Kate’s faculty member. Other benefits include early registration for classes and living in the Honors learning community amongst other like-minded women.”

Plans after graduation? “I have applied for a couple of research grants and internship positions in Senegal. I have also been working on my E-Portfolio and attending career fairs. After working for a couple of years, I intend to pursue graduate degrees in international economics with a regional emphasis in sub-Saharan Africa.” 

Advice to new students: “Challenge yourself. I hope you make the most of each and every opportunity. Also, get involve on campus by participating in clubs, writing for the school newspaper, studying abroad and conducting research with a faculty member.”