A student writing the word "energy" on a whiteboard.
St. Kate's Antonian Scholars are highly
motivated and creative students.

Three students and a professor in discussion.
Small group discussions are common
in the honors program.

A planner with lots of highlighted text.
Honors students are busy people!

Learn What MattersHonors

St. Kate's offers many different distinctions and awards in addition to the Antonian Scholar Honors Program and more than 24 honors societies.

Antonian Scholar Honors Program

St. Kate's ranks #1 in the ways students are challenged to apply concepts from class to practical problems or new situations, according to a survey of more than 300,000 college students nationwide.

German extremism in the 20th century. Deconstructing racial differences. Women in film noir. These are some of the topics that students have grappled with recently in honors seminars.

Between innovative seminars, student-led discussions and independent research these high-achieving Antonian Scholars are challenged and rewarded.

If selected for this rigorous program, St. Kate's students receive priority registration for courses each semester, special diplomas, commencement recognition and leadership opportunities in the Honors Program Student Organization. Scholars also have access to an exclusive place to study or socialize called the Honor's Hub, located in Coeur de Catherine.

Honors Societies

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