Students sitting in a circle.
Students are encouraged to sit in a circle
for easy face-to-face discussions.

A female student reading "The Reflective Woman" textboox.
The Reflective Woman book cover (pictured
here) was by a St. Kate's student.

Four students pose outdoors.
Core courses help build lasting friendships.

Learn What MattersCore Requirements

St. Kate's core courses provide a broad-based, liberal arts foundation, with a special emphasis on communication and information technology for all undergraduate students.

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Additional Information

Credit Requirements

St. Kate’s requires a minimum of 130 semester credits for a baccalaureate degree. This includes meeting the credit requirements for the liberal arts core curriculum and for your major. To earn a St. Kate’s degree, you must follow the specific requirements listed in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog for the year in which you enter the University.

Mathematics and Logic

Mathematics has been changed to Mathematical and Logical Reasoning, allowing mathematics, statistics and logic courses to satisfy the requirement for students.

Oral/Speech Communication Requirement

An oral/speech communication requirement has been added as a liberal arts requirement for students beginning Fall 2014. Students can meet this new requirement through cross-listed courses at St. Kate’s. More information about this will be provided once specific courses have been approved. Students who have taken equivalent speech courses prior to enrolling at St. Kate’s will have met this requirement.

Interdisciplinary Courses in Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

Students will be allowed to use one interdisciplinary course in humanities, arts and sciences to meet two core requirements in foundations of humanities arts and sciences. Course offerings will be phased in beginning in the 2014–15 academic year. As this is a change to how a requirement can be met and not a change to an actual core requirement, this will apply to all students. Only St. Kate’s interdisciplinary courses can be used to fulfill two core requirements.

Foreign Language in the Day Program

For Students Pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree

Students who are pursuing a B.S. degree will no longer have a foreign language requirement. However, B.S. students may take foreign language to fulfill their humanities requirements. Students must take humanities courses and will not be allowed to use proficiency exams to test out of the two course humanities requirement.

For Students Pursing a Bachelor of Arts Degree

Students who are pursuing a B.A. degree will need to fulfill the foreign language requirement by completing coursework or demonstrating proficiency through the third semester of language (Intermediate I).

  1. Students may take a placement exam to determine placement in Beginning I, II or Intermediate I, or to determine completion of the language requirement by placing at Intermediate II or higher.
  2. Students may take college-level courses through the Intermediate I level and need to complete each course with a C- or higher