Together we are...

Learning what mattersClasses at St. Kate’s are
always taught by faculty members,
not graduate students.

Top achievers come together in St. Kate’s 24 national honor societies — including Phi Beta Kappa.


Top achievers come together in St. Kate’s 24 national honor societies — including Phi Beta Kappa.

St. Kate’s is small enough that you know, or at least recognize, most everyone on campus. But it’s not just about size. An unusually strong sense of mutual support exists here among students, faculty and staff. Together, we're building a vibrant community.

At St. Kate's we'll help you gain the skills you need to succeed — transferable skills you can carry from one job to another. You'll learn to understand complex issues, to defend a point of view, to solve problems and to communicate effectively. You'll become a creative, independent thinker.

Our liberal arts program is the most flexible preparation you can find to prepare for graduate school or for launching a rewarding career. Core classes, taken by every student, offer an exciting opportunity for self-discovery. As you learn about yourself and your role in the world, you'll develop the skills to think critically and to make decisions ethically.

St. Kate's offers nearly 60 majors and minors and 37 more are available through the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities. You can even design your own major.

No matter what major you choose, you'll find lively classes, an innovative learning environment and a faculty committed to your success. St. Kate's offers academic support when you need it and guidance when you want it — designed to help you adjust to college life, explore your interests, meet core requirements and plan for your future.

Leaders in their fields and leaders in the community, our faculty also play a role in guiding hands-on learning. At St. Kate's, you'll find honors opportunities, internships and fieldwork, collaborative research and more than 50 global learning opportunities.

Wherever you are in life, at work, at home or in the community, the enduring values of a St. Kate's education will help you survive — and thrive.