Phlebotomy student practices drawing blood
Hands-on classroom experiences give students ample opportunities to put their learning to the test.

Why Healthcare?

Technological innovations in the healthcare field are extending and improving lives at  the same time that holistic treatments recognize the important interplay of mind, body and spirit.

The variety of healthcare careers has broadened. And trends such as an aging — and soon retiring — healthcare workforce are creating openings for younger workers. The need is great for people who can blend compassion and caring with new professional skills and, importantly, a love of learning.

Healthcare is among the fastest growing fields in the United States and around the globe. When you enter
healthcare, you embrace the opportunity to expand your life and career, now and long into the future. You also gain a chance to change the world.

What’s the best healthcare career for you?

See Yourself in HealthcareOur career and admission counselors and faculty can help you determine the right niche to fit your goals and interests. Some healthcare careers focus almost entirely on patient care; others draw on technical capabilities or administrative skills.

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