Women's Studies Faculty

Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary major. Faculty members from several departments teach courses in the program and vary by semester.

Name Phone E-mail
All phone numbers start with (651) 690-
Sharon Doherty
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Women’s Studies
6736 sldoherty@stkate.edu
Jane Carroll
Associate Professor of History
8813 jlcarroll@stkate.edu
Joanne Cavallaro
Associate Professor of English
6867 jcavallaro@stkate.edu
Rafael Cervantes
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
6907 rcervantes@stkate.edu
Gabrielle Civil
Associate Professor of English
8797 gfcivil@stkate.edu
Louise Edwards-Simpson
Assistant Professor of History
6033 lredwards@stkate.edu
Pamela Fletcher
Associate Professor of English
6414 prfletcher@stkate.edu
Lynne Gildensoph
Associate Professor of Biology



Amy Hilden
Associate Professor of Philosophy
8826 abhilden@stkate.edu
Cecilia Konchar Farr
Professor of English



Cynthia Norton
Professor of Biology
6631 cgnorton@stkate.edu
Hui Wilcox
Assistant Professor of Sociology
6707 hnwilcox@stkate.edu