Teaching High School Religion

St. Kate’s Departments of Theology and Education offer a concentration in teaching high school religion. This collaborative program is designed to help you teach religion at the high school level.

Theology majors seeking the teaching concentration must take at least 10 courses in theology, including the six required theology courses listed below ("Theology" tab) plus four additional 3000-level theology courses (see "Recommended" tab).

You must also complete the education courses and the other required supporting course listed below.

THEO 2050: Old Testament Studies
THEO 2100: New Testament Studies
THEO 2200: Christian Ethics
THEO 2400: The Identity and Mission of Jesus Christ
THEO 2600: The Mystery of the Church
THEO 2800: Christian Sacramentality

EDUC 2070: Teachers as Leaders for a Changing Society
EDUC 2090: General Methods, Secondary
EDUC 2490: School Health and Chemical Health
EDUC 3520: Teaching of Religion
EDUC 4954: Independent Study: Teaching Religion, Secondary

PSYC 2025: Lifespan Developmental Psychology

THEO 2000: Stages of Christian Life
THEO 2120: Faith
THEO 2750: Christian Spirituality
THEO 2850: Social Justice: A Christian Perspective
THEO 3020: Pastoral Theology