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Admission and Progression

A sonography faculty member talking with a patient

If you've made a thoughtful exploration of sonography as a career and are prepared to commit to a rigorous academic program, we invite you to consider this program.

Successful candidates enjoy and succeed in rigorous academic studies in anatomy, pathophysiology, mathematics and physics and other areas. They have demonstrated a serious commitment to the profession, excellent skills for communication and patient interaction, and are aware that hand-eye coordination skills are required to scan effectively.

Admission into St. Kate's Sonography Program is a two-part process:

(To learn more, attend a prospective student information session.)

Step one: Seek admission and enroll as a Pre-Sonography student

Complete St. Catherine University's admission enrollment from, and declare your intent to become an associate pre-sonography student.

Pre-sonography students typically spend a year taking prerequisite and other liberal arts and sciences courses before entering a two-year sequence of sonography courses (see Academic Plan for a detailed description).

St. Kate's selectively admits a small number of pre-sonography students each fall. However, admission as a pre-sonography student does not guarantee admission or progression into the sonography course sequence.

For deadlines, admission requirements and online application forms, see the associate admission page.

St. Kate's will review academic transcripts and personal statements for demonstrated proof of initiative, motivation and academic aptitude. Selected applicants are invited to dialogue sessions, at which they may ask faculty about the profession and St. Kate's program and, in turn, explain their interest and motivation for becoming sonography students.

Completion of prerequisite courses is not required for admission as a pre-sonography student. Students without any college experience are reviewed for their performance in high-school courses (especially science and math) and their initiative in exploring sonography (which may include seeking "shadowing" experiences).

Students who have some college experience are reviewed for the same criteria, as well as performance in sonography prerequisite and other college courses.

Step two: Applying to start the Sonography course sequence

Students can apply to progress into the sonography course sequence in March and April of their pre-sonography year. Decisions are made in June, and students who are accepted start sonography courses in September.

Admissions are competitive, and completion of prerequisite requirements does not guarantee progression. Applicants are awarded, ranked and selected based on a point system.

For a detailed description of criteria for awarding points, download this document.

To be considered for sonography courses, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of required "Foundation" course work completed with a "C" or better. All students take the COMPASS test at the point of admission to the university to determine if Foundation course work is required.
  • All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher no more than five years prior to entering the Pre-Sonography program. Any prerequisite course can be repeated once, but no more than two prerequisite courses may be repeated.
    • The following courses must be completed at the time of application to start sonography courses:
      • General Anatomy and Physiology
      • College Algebra
      • Composition
    • The following courses must be completed or be in progress at the time of application to start sonography courses:
      • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
      • Physics
      • Medical Terminology
      • Communication for the Sonography Professional
  • GPA requirements
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
    • Science/Math Prerequisite GPA of 2.5 or higher, including grades from the following courses:
      • General Anatomy and Physiology
      • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
      • Physics
      • College Algebra

NOTE: Program requirements may be changed at any time without warning and students must meet the requirements that are in place at the time of application.