Psychology Faculty/Staff

Our faculty members are experienced professionals who challenge and mentor students. They bring a variety of research interests to their teaching — click on their names to learn more or call them.

Name Phone Email
All phone numbers start with (651) 690- unless otherwise noted
Lynne Linder
Office Manager
6203 lelinder@stkate.edu
Anaya Mitra
Assistant Professor
8614 amitra@stkate.edu
Andrea M. Olson
Department Chair
Associate Professor
8794 andreamolson@stkate.edu
Jamie J. Peterson
Assistant Professor
6488 jjpeterson@stkate.edu
Joanne Quarfoth
Associate Professor
8632 jmquarfoth@stkate.edu
Art Sesma
Assistant Professor
6184 agsesma@stkate.edu
Stacy Symons
Assistant Professor
6613 scsymons@stkate.edu
Thomas Thieman
Professor Emeritus
6625 tjthieman@stkate.edu
Keilah Worth
Assistant Professo
6090 kaworth@stkate.edu
Adjunct faculty
Contact Lynne Linder at lelinder@stkate.edu or 651-690-6203 for information about adjunct faculty in the Psychology Department.