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Applying to the RN-BS Degree Completion option

The RN-BS Completion option in the College for Applied and Continuing Learning (CACL) is for students who have previously completed an associate degree in nursing or a diploma-granting registered nurse (RN) program. This upper-level, bachelor's-completion program of study builds directly on the educational and professional experiences of registered nurses.

When to start

You may enter the university in fall semester (starts in September), spring semester (starts in February) or summer session to take liberal arts courses. To start the nursing course sequence—which begins only in the fall—you need to have all but eight credits of core liberal arts and supporting course requirements completed; a statistics course must be completed before starting the nursing sequence.

If you have already met the requirements for starting the nursing course sequence. Consult with your admission counselor to discuss your options for starting nursing during your first fall term. Spaces are limited.

Open to women and men

The RN-BS Degree Completion option is offered by the College for Applied and Continuing Learning (CACL). As a college distinct from the University's College for Women, CACL is open to women and men.

Admission criteria

Applicants should demonstrate readiness for advanced undergraduate studies. Admission into this program, designed for adult learners, is based on a holistic evaluation of students' readiness for independent and self-directed learning. If accepted, students will enroll in core liberal arts, prerequisite and supporting courses and then progress into the one-year sequence of nursing courses, which begins each fall. Admission as an RN-BS bachelor's-degree seeking student in the CACL does not guarantee progression into nursing major courses.

Transcripts of prior academic work should demonstrate the following:

  • A cumulative post-secondary G.P.A. of 2.5 (calculated on all courses, including failed courses, completed within the past 10 years).
  • Successful completion of an associate degree in nursing granted by a regionally accredited college or university, or an RN diploma, with a minimum grade of "C" in all nursing courses.

Required nursing experience

To progress into nursing courses, students must have passed the NCLEX exam and should have some nursing work experience. Students should be employed as a nurse (or volunteer in a nursing role, such as at a free clinic) during spring and summer courses, which include workplace projects.