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Why St. Kate’s

The post-baccalaureate nursing major at St. Kate’s offers a unique opportunity to women and men with a bachelor’s degree in any field to shift into a nursing career.

Flexible schedule choices

You will have the choice of an evening/weekend format or a traditional weekday format. Courses in the evening/weekend format allow you to meet professional and family obligations and continue your current career while preparing for a new one.

Learning by doing

Classroom instruction is integrated with clinical experience to prepare graduates for nursing practice in a variety of settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, school systems and community agencies. Students will have opportunities to apply their knowledge in a variety of areas such as medical-surgical, maternity, pediatric, psychiatric and public health nursing.

Practicums are offered at a variety of Twin Cities healthcare agencies, providing valuable experience working with diverse populations in acute-care and community settings.

Linear course sequence

Because each nursing course builds on previous ones, you will take nursing courses in a pre-determined sequence with all of your fellow students in the program. That means no worrying about which courses to register for or schedule conflicts between courses.