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Why the Liberal Arts?

The profession of nursing needs leaders who engage with intention, act with justice, and serve with compassion. At St. Kate’s, we educate students who are prepared to lead together in nursing, healthcare and society — now and into the future.

Does reading literature help a nurse? Many a new nursing student wonders why courses in the liberal arts are woven into our nursing program, says Kim Jenson, RN, who teaches St. Kate’s nursing students.

The answer is that mastering the technical skills needed for patient care is only half of what a St. Kate’s nurse does. “Patients are individuals, and not everyone comes in the same package,” Jenson says. Listening and respecting others are critical to delivering good care.

  • The liberal arts teaches students to think, not just to know.
  • As a nurse, you’ll need to know how to research questions and analyze data to meet your patients’ needs.
  • You’ll need to communicate well orally and in writing.
  • Studying the liberal arts — including literature, art, philosophy and social justice — helps you think beyond your own experience.
  • The best nurses understand and respect the beliefs of others who may differ in age, race or culture.