Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff are exceptional scholars and leaders in their fields. They're also great teachers. They'll engage you in discussions and meaningful work, collaborate with you and encourage you to apply for internships and other opportunities to enhance your career prospects. 

To learn more about their interests or areas of expertise, please click on their names below. 

For questions about the MLIS program and admission, contact an admission counselor.

Name Phone E-mail
All phone numbers begin with (651) 690- unless noted.
Deborah Grealy, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Library and Information Science
Program Director
8633 dsgrealy@stkate.edu
Deborah Torres, MILS
Assistant Program Director
Assistant to the Associate Dean
8761 datorres@stkate.edu
Sarah Park Dahlen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
8791 spark@stkate.edu
Heidi Hammond, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School Library Media Specialist Coordinator
6991 hkhammond@stkate.edu
David Lesniaski, D.M.A.
Associate Professor
8723 dalesniaski@stkate.edu
Sook Lim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
6888 slim@stkate.edu
Anthony Molaro, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Sheri Ross, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
6651 svtross@stkate.edu
Mary Wagner, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita
Kyunghye Yoon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
8727 kyoon@stkate.edu
Joyce Yukawa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
8661 jyukawa@stkate.edu
Laura Morlock, MLIS
Office Manager
6802 llmorlock@stkate.edu
Nick Steffel, MLIS
Instructional Technology Coordinator
6890 njsteffel@stkate.edu
Debbie Yang
Assistant Office Manager
6431 debbieyang@stkate.edu