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Scott Eddy, class of 2010Scott Eddy ’10

Career path: Human resources manager to St. Kate’s post-baccalaureate nursing graduate to RN at Fairview Southdale, while also in St. Kate’s master of arts in nursing program with a nurse educator concentration.

Trading a 30-year career for nursing: “I had a very successful career as a human resources professional, but there comes a time when you want to give back. I saw a career in nursing as a multifaceted way to do that.”

Why nursing education? “Teaching is a way to give back to the patient population as a whole. I won’t be at bedsides, but I’ll be educating those people who will be. The average age of nursing educators now is 57, so we’re going to have a shortage of nursing educators soon.”

What has been the biggest surprise about going back to school after having a career? “That I could still learn!”

Is the nursing profession what you’d expected it to be? “The profession was a huge eye-opener to me. At first it surprised me that nurses are so responsible for patients’ success — that they are integral in whether patients recover. Before I entered the post-baccalaureate program I thought they just carried out the doctor’s instructions.”

Appreciation for St. Kate’s: Scott is one of many "nontraditional" St. Kate's students who come to the university to enter the nursing profession. He was a student in the university's post-baccalaureate certificate in nursing program, now replaced by the Master of Arts in Nursing; Entry-Level. This new master's is designed specifically for adults who have earned a bachelor's degree (but not a nursing major) and have decided to enter the nursing profession later in their careers.