Kindergarten–12 Concentration

The K–12 licensure option enables graduates to teach at all grade levels in a given subject area.

Requirements for K–12 Licensure

The following courses are required for all students seeking secondary licensure. In addition to these courses, you will also choose a content area with additional course requirements. These courses must be completed in advance of starting the graduate-level education courses.

Upon admission, you will work with an adviser to tailor a course sequence to fit your individual needs. Enrollment in the K-12 Licensure graduate coursework begins in the Fall semester.

Fall Term

  • Prerequisite Courses See Prerequisite Course Requirements below
  • Content Area Courses if needed

Spring Term

  • EDUC 5070 Teachers as Leaders for a Changing Society
  • EDUC 5090 General Methods: Secondary OR EDUC 5800 General Methods: Elementary
  • EDUC 6650 Introduction to Action Research
  • Fieldwork

Fall Term

  • EDUC 5490 School Health and Chemical Health
  • EDUC 7551 Literacy in the Content Areas
  • *EDUC 7XXX Discipline Specific Elementary Methods(Number of credits may vary and may be offered in the major department)
  • *EDUC 776X Discipline Specific Special Methods: Grades 7-12
  • Fieldwork

Spring Term

  • EDUC 7650 Current Issues in Education
  • EDUC 7XXX Student Teaching and Seminar: Elementary
  • EDUC 7XXX Student Teaching and Seminar: Secondary

Fall Term

  • EDUC 6700 Integration Seminar
  • EDUC 8900 Action Research Project

Courses numbered below 5000 are undergraduate courses; courses 5000 and above are graduate courses. For detailed course descriptions, visit the Graduate Academic Catalog or the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Prerequisite Course Requirements

  • PSYC 1001 General Psychology
  • PSYC 2025 Lifespan Developmental Psychology

*Students completing the license in World Languages take TEGR 580 C & I: World Languages/Culture K-12 and TEGR 547 Field Experience III: (K-12) World Language and Culture at the University of St. Thomas.

Content Areas

Students must choose a content in a specific subject area: