Liberal Arts and Sciences - Minneapolis

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Liberal Arts and Sciences - Minneapolis

The Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) department, located on St. Catherine’s Minneapolis campus, is responsible for delivering the liberal arts courses required for our associate healthcare degrees as well as the core curriculum for the Associate of Arts degree. The programs share the same faculty, pedagogy and core curriculum.

Coursework includes composition, literature, art, ethics, biology, social sciences, psychology and theology. Students develop critical skills in writing, reading and thinking.

Associate healthcare liberal arts curriculum

Students enrolled in associate healthcare programs at St. Kate’s are required to take one-half of their required credits in the liberal arts and sciences.

Associate of Arts curriculum

The Associate of Arts (A.A.) program focuses on preparing students for a successful transition to a bachelor degree program. Students spend at least one year taking associate-level courses that emphasize critical thinking, critical reading and writing in core liberal arts and sciences content areas.

Students work in cohort groups and take classes together — supporting and assisting one another as they progress through the coursework.

All 1000-level and higher classes are applicable to the bachelor’s degree. For more information about the Associate of Arts degree program, contact the admission counselor for the program.

Educational rigor and success

The Liberal Arts and Sciences department has a strong belief in every student’s ability to learn; relationship-centered teaching; an innovative, developmental and integrated liberal arts and professional curriculum; and interaction with students to assure every opportunity for educational rigor and success.