Liberal Arts and Sciences - Minneapolis

Core Areas of Study

Learning in the liberal arts and sciences is divided among six core areas:

  • Written and oral composition and communication — Organize and present ideas logically and coherently in language that is clear and effective.
  • Humanities — Connect with creative works of human culture, past and present, and affirm the value of human imagination as the birthright of every person.
  • Natural and physical science and mathematics — Study the natural world through investigation, measurement and prediction of scientific phenomena.
  • Theology — Explore the spiritual in a journey toward personal wholeness, respect all forms of religious expression and the way human cultures respond to the ultimate dimension of life.
  • Social and behavioral sciences — Study elements of a personal, natural and global environment shared with diverse others and the systems, values and behaviors that affect and are affected by the developing person.
  • Philosophy — Think critically and analytically about philosophical and ethical issues involving human dignity, worth, rights, freedom, social justice and responsibility, and the meaning of life, knowledge and truth.


For more information about specific liberal arts and sciences requirements for your program and specific course descriptions, check the following:

The department also teaches The Reflective Woman, a course required for all St. Catherine undergraduate students.