English Minors

Several minors are available through the English Department. Each one offers a specialized area of concentration to supplement your major in another department.

English Minor

The general English minor offers courses in writing, literature and language studies.

Required courses

  • ENGL 2200: Introduction to Literary Theory and Research
  • Two writing courses (at least one at the 3000 level or above)
  • Three literature courses (at least one at the 3000 level or above)

Language Studies Minor

The language studies minor focuses on grammar, linguistics and syntax.

Required courses

  • ENGL 2450: Language in Society
  • ENGL 2480: History and Structure of the English Language
  • ENGL 3050: Introduction to Linguistics
  • ENGL 3100: Language as Power
  • ENGL 4490: Topics in Language Studies

Recommended supporting courses

  • ENGL 2050: Rhetorical Grammar
  • ENGL 2200: Introduction to Literary Theory and Research

Professional Writing Minor

This minor provides you with additional background in professional-level writing.

Required courses

  • ENGL 2040: Introduction to Professional Writing
  • ENGL 205:0 Rhetorical Grammar
  • Three other writing courses (at least two at the 3000 level or above)
  • One language course

Recommended supporting courses

  • ENGL 4604: Internship

Integrated Marketing, Communications and Design Minor


  • MKTG 2300: Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG 2350: Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKTG 3300: Interactive Marketing—Social Networks, Multimedia, and SEO
  • SALE 2300: Introduction to Selling

Plus Two Design Classes from the following lists:

  • INDI 1120: Design and Society
  • ART 2250: Art and Technology
  • ART 3XXX: Photography and Digital Storytelling
  • ART 3150: Publication and Computer Design
  • ART 3180: Illustration and Computer Design
  • ART 3200: Graphic and Web Design

ART classes offered in the evening will be crosslisted for Day and Evening/Weekend/Online students.

You can also enhance your education in English or another St. Kate's major with the:

Women and the Arts

This minor offers a hybrid critical and creative approach to art, gender and community with flexible, cross-listed courses. See course requirements