English Faculty/Staff

Our faculty members are experienced professionals who enjoy challenging and mentoring students. They bring a variety of research interests to their teaching — call or email them to learn more.

Name Phone E-mail
All phone numbers start with (651) 690-
Joanne Cavallaro
Department Chair
6867 jcavallaro@stkate.edu
Sally Sundberg
Administrative Assistant
6548 sjsundberg@stkate.edu
Susan Bosher
Associate Professor
6862 sdbosher@stkate.edu
Geri Chavis
6524 ggchavis@stkate.edu
Gabrielle Civil
Associate Professor
8797 gfcivil@stkate.edu
Cecilia Konchar Farr
6559 ckfarr@stkate.edu
Pamela Fletcher
Associate Professor
6414 plfletcher@stkate.edu
Gayle Gaskill
6857 ggaskill@stkate.edu
Robert Grunst
6638 rcgrunst@stkate.edu
Gay Herzberg
Associate Professor
8812 gherzberg@stkate.edu
Jill Jepson
Associate Professor
8717 jcjepson@stkate.edu
Patricia Montalbano
Associate Professor
6672 pkmontalbano@stkate.edu
Susan Welch
Associate Professor
6865 srwelch@stkate.edu

Adjunct faculty

For information about adjunct faculty in the English Department, contact Sally Sundberg, administrative assistant, at (651) 690-6548.