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Communication Arts and Literature

The communication arts and literature specialty area consists of three education course and 12 additional undergraduate courses in communication studies and English.

  • EDUC 3450: Literature for Young Adults
  • EDUC 3740: Special Methods: Middle-Level Communication Arts and Literature
  • EDUC 3750: Special Methods: Senior High Communication Arts and Literature
  • COMM 1020: Communication Dynamics in Personal Relationships
  • COMM 1030: Speaking to Lead and Influence
  • COMM 2050: Media, Culture and Society
  • ENGL 2200: Literary Theory and Practice
  • ENGL 2270: Shakespeare
  • ENGL 2480: History and Structure of English
  • ENGL 3254: British Writers I and ENGL 3255: British Writers II
  • ENGL 3274: American Writers I and ENGL 3275: American Writers II
  • One 2000-level English writing course
  • One 3000-level (or above) English writing course

For detailed course descriptions, visit the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.