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Professor Mary Weddle

Mary Weddle, PT, DSc

Director of Clinical Education and Curriculum Co-Director, St. Catherine University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Classes taught: Mary supervises all five Clinical Education courses and all integrated clinical education. In partnership with a fellow colleague, Mary also oversees all curricular advances.

A Second Career: Mary earned a Bachelor of Music and taught music theory and chamber music for many years before switching careers.

Music to Physical Therapy: Becoming more interested in how the music itself changed based on the physical movements of the musician; Mary developed an interest in mobility learning which led her to physical therapy.

Mary notes that there are performance physical therapists who work with musicians experiencing physical injuries. "Music is movement, like sport but on a different plane."

Clinical Education: Mary sees her role as a "relationship building job," acting as a liaison between the students and the clinical sites. Her goal is to facilitate an excellent learning environment for both students and clinical faculty.

Her teaching: In both careers Mary's love of teaching has been paramount. The most rewarding part of her job is seeing students blossom as they work as student physical therapists in the clinics and "when there is finally that connection between ideas and action."

Commitment to learning: Mary is one of only three PTs in Minnesota licensed to teach both the basic and advanced Clinical Instructor credentialing courses. In this way Mary gives back to the PT community.

Her passion: Mary is passionate about education philosophy and models and takes pride in the fact that the integrated curriculum she helped build at St. Kate's "serves student learning."

In the news: Mary and a colleague published a piece about this innovative curriculum in the nationally recognized Journal of Physical Therapy Education. This curriculum model has landed St. Kate's DPT Program "among the top Physical Therapy Programs" in US News and World Report's national survey of graduate schools.

Outside the classroom: Mary is president of the Board of Directors of Prairie Oaks Institute, a retreat center in Belle Plaine, MN. She is also a practitioner of Tai Chi.

Education: B.A., St. Olaf College; M.F.A., University of Iowa; M.S., physical therapy, Acadia University; D.S.c. Geriatric Physical Therapy, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.