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Lynn Schleeter

Lynn Schleeter

Director, Center for Sales Innovation

First year at St. Kate’s: 1998

Path to St. Kate’s: “While working with 3M as a consultant, I put a meeting together that brought universities to St. Paul to talk with 3M about the sales curricula they were developing. There I met individuals from St. Kate’s and volunteered to work on their curriculum development committee. When I found out they were developing a Center for Sales Innovation, I was interested in the position.”

From academia to business and back: “I came out of college expecting to teach and did that early on. So there is an aspect of coming full circle. There’s an opportunity in both academia and business to contribute to how individuals reach their life goals.”

Keeping it current: “I’m responsible for making sure the curriculum is as current as possible. I pay attention to what’s out there in the industry, hearing what we should be doing differently or adding. I work with corporate partners on research projects, guest speakers, mentoring and shadow assignments. I also facilitate a monthly forum for sales executives who meet on campus and lead the sales leadership programs.”

Why a sales career is a good bet: “For someone with entrepreneurial spirit, it’s a great career fit because you have to be creative, analytical and smart. Women are well suited to the sales career path; they just bring a wealth of skills to it. Many times it’s like running your own business. You can make choices that you can’t make in that ‘cube job” when you have to work 8 to 5.”

On St. Kate’s students: “Our students are achievers — they are motivated and they have great plans. I like hearing them say, ‘I’m going to start this business ... I’m going to do this.’ There’s always that component of doing good for others, too.”

Grads making a difference: “They often take their very good business skills from their ‘day jobs’ and apply them to their passions, such as church, a nonprofit or a cause. It’s very natural for them to do that.”

Recent publications: A new e-book, Keep Your Sales UP in a Down Economy, written with 18 other sales leaders to help sellers find their focus in today’s uncertain economy.

Professional priority: Providing or enhancing opportunities for women to be successful with a work-life fit that gives them financial independence and some flexibility.

Personal priority: “Helping others reach their goals in the realm of how and what I can deliver.”

Balancing act techniques: “I like to play tennis, and I read for pleasure, at the moment Out Stealing Horses. Also yoga, massage, plenty of sleep, eating well and knowing what my priorities are in terms of family. And delivering results!”

Education: B.S., University of Minnesota: M.A., organizational leadership, College of St. Catherine.