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Latin Minor

The minor in Latin is intended to give students a basic level of competence in the Latin language (either for its own sake or to enable them to pursue other academic goals to which Latin may contribute), as well an understanding of the history and culture that goes along with the Latin language.

Course Requirements

  • Four semesters of Latin (typically LATN 1110, 1120, 2110, and 2120; advanced students may contact the instructor for other options)
  • One additional relevant course dealing with any portion of the Classical or Roman World (options include, but are not limited to:
    • CLAS 2450: Classical Mythology
    • CLAS 3140 :Classical Greek Philosophy
    • CLAS 3460: Women in Greece and Rome
    • Any CLAS 2990 offering
    • Any theology course which treats the ancient world, including such courses as: THEO 2100: New Testament Studies, THEO 3930: Christian Women Mystics, THEO 2400: The Identity and Mission of Jesus Christ
    • Any other course which receives the approval of the faculty coordinator of the Latin minor

Students so desiring are also be permitted to meet the final requirement with an advanced course in Latin, or with an approved foreign study experience concentrating on the study of the classical world.


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Emily Blanchard West
Assistant Professor